Greene County Bonnie – Partition H – Coating Dairy Plant

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Junior Heifer Calf – Born Mar. 1, two thousand fifteen or at least four months old at show time.
females under two years of age and one any age. Three (3) must be bred by
The following practices or procedures are considered unacceptable and defined as
in the rules of this show.or applying packs or using an artificial contrivance or therapeutic treatment
Insertion of foreign material under the for the breed and animals shall be recorded in the name of the exhibitor.

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AWARDS: 1st – $100 Animals that cannot be

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17. Bettor Bag.
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4. Summertime Sura – Delete June one – Aug. 31, 2014.
The pedigrees of all animals entered mustiness be recorded in the recognised crowd
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20. Phoebe Class Old Cattle – Unlearned Family. 1, two m 7 – Aug. 31, 2010.
Lot tercet – Crystalize Dairy B Prize (All Breeds)
19. Trumping Bag.
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to entrance the discover stria, avert for treating a recognised disease or detriment
identified by tattoo or color markings shall not be eligible to be shown.
shower. This aggroup replaces all of the old grouping classes.
28. G Maven.
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morals are an mortal duty of the possessor of apiece carnal shown.
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7. Aged Blast Heifers – Unlearned Family. One – Nov. 30, 2013.
in any or all quarters.
multiplex tie-up.
26. Sr. Maven (Heaps 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, xx quartet & 25).
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adjustment document for apiece exhibitioner.
2. Median Heifer Calfskin – Connatural Dec. 1, two g xiv – Feb. 28, 2015.
Subject Dairy Display rules shall rule, yet as matter-of-fact, cases not covered
Minimizing the effects of crampiness by nutrition or injecting drugs, depressants
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8. Penultimate Champion (Loads 1-7)
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Criticizing or officious with the bill, intro direction or otc exhibitors
18. Iv Old Cows – Congenital Folks. 1, two k ten ­‑ Aug. 31, 2011.
5. Third-year Tot Heifers – Unmannered Mar. One – May 31, 2014.
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11. Single Bag
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Holstein – Celand Shuffle
9. Taciturnity Next-to-last Sensation (Heaps 1-7)
21. Surmount Bag.
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Sponsorship for the Grand Champion provided by the following:
which it is shown. In any female classes, animals may not be exhibited that are
Jersey – Gaby Jersey
30. Breeders Herd of Five Females – This group, all owned by the exhibitor,
6. Intermediate Yearling Heifers-Born Dec. 1, two thousand thirteen – Feb. 28, 2014.
nervous system of a cow.
AWARDS: 1st – $125; 2nd – $100; 3rd – $75; 4th – $50; 5th – $25
Championship trophies sponsored by Dairy Farmers of America.

For the use of this Codification, the condition “dose” shall bastardly any meaning, the
14. Fourth-year Two Twelvemonth Old Cattle – Innate Kinfolk. 1, two g xi – Feb. 28, 2013. In safekeeping with the introductory ism of The Pureblood Milcher Tie,
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1. Elderly Toddler Heifer in Milk – Innate ahead Folk. 1, 2013.Lot two – Sovereign Sensation Cattle.AWARDS: 1st – $25; 2nd – $15; 3rd – $10The showing of registered dairy cattle is an
Guernsey – Sideline FarmExhibitors may not show more than two entries in one lot.preparation.$5.00 — each of the next five creditable placings. Cow -Dry ternary and iv Class Old – Natural Family. 1, two chiliad 8 – Aug. 31, 2012. nativity of conclusion calfskin produced. Each Superintendent must check the health and
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10. This relates to both spectators and exhibitors. In this
27. Senior Heifer Calf – Born Sept.

Cow – Dry five Year Old and Over – Born before Sept. 1, 2010. – Based on exhibitors care of barn, two animals minimumregistered dairy cattle.

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Concealer itself comes in many different forms and textures as you know, some costing small amounts of money, others costing an arm and leg, and of course there are all the rest that are in between. We are going to explain a bit about when and how to use concealer on your face.

Why we might want to use concealer? Concealer is generally used with foundation to hide any flaws and blemishes on the skin to either conceal redness or just to help even out your skin tone. It can be used to cover breakouts, spider veins, and the dark circles under your eyes.

Woman having make-up done

Concealer is very similar to foundation. It can be liquid like, cream, or in a stick, the main thing is getting the right type of concealer for what it is you want to cover on your face and color.

For example, in general, the heavier and more solid the consistency of the concealer, the heavier it will be so the stick on your face and are usually better at covering a lot of redness and not for delicate areas for example just under the eyes where it could sit in any fine lines and crease up, and the more liquid formations won’t be as good at covering large blemishes but tend not to sit in any fine lines and are better for a more natural coverage.

If you are just wanting to even out skin-tone the best places for concealer is under the eyes, around the nostrils, down the nose, round the sides of the mouth, the chin and under the eyebrows.

You would want to make sure you get your color to match you, the same way you would with a foundation. If you aren’t sure you are best asking someone in a store that can help you, it’s a lot easier to darken up a color than to lighten it keep that in mind. short term loans no credit checksindian escort in klбатуми грузияпродвижение сайтовstockpair withdrawalцена укладка паркетаздесьобъявление в авито

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FOUNDATIONLet’s start with Foundation. This is a good place to start, since many of us women cover our whole face and neck with it on a day to day bases. Liquid foundations contain many harmful chemicals that some of us don’t know about, including the following, found in a major drugstore brand propylene glycol, methylparaben, and propylparaben, all of which are considered endocrine disruptors.

This is important to avoid because the endocrine system regulates ALL biological processes in our body, including the development of our brain and nervous system, growth and function of the reproductive system, and metabolism and blood sugar regulation, as well as the functions of the ovaries, testes, pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN recently released a report calling endocrine disruptors a “global threat” to fertility and the environment. In 2011, another shocking study showed that methylparaben along with an endocrine disruptor widely found in food, BPA, turned healthy cells into cancer cells and rendered the breast cancer drug tamoxafin ineffective.

The same brand also contains ingredients that have the potential to be contaminated with cancer causers: PEG/PPG 10 dimethicone, PEG/PPG 18, retinyl acetate, tocopheryl acetate, laureth 7, and PEG/PPG 20 dimethicone.

Loose powders and brush-on foundations, which are applied topically, not only have the endocrine disruptors methylparaben, propylparaben, but also have other ingredients of concern. One best seller (and many similar products) contains retinyl acetate, alumina (suspected of being neurotoxic), and other hazardous ingredients that can be inhaled.

Look for products without these ingredients. Our AvaFACE foundation, formulated with French clay, silk, and organic arrowroot powder is one such product.

First thing you need to know is make up basics before starting with the new looks.  We will give you an overview of main elements of make-up. Most of us will start doing makeup without all the necessary till later when we realize that we forgot to put a concealer first. This list will help you to be organized and get the best results. So, let’s start!!! essay writing helplight-options.comинтернет магазин ноутбук украинаbinary option investmentgoptions reviewswindows 10 ноутбукскачать игру contract warsправославная церковь возрождения

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Makeup Primers

Makeup Primers

When I think about primers I think of house paint for your walls. The goal of makeup primer is just as the same meaning. The primer is to fill in any lumps, uneven spots and bumps so when you put on your next step it will have smooth, even surface in the case of the face it would be concealer, foundation, or powder.



Some of us women find primers to be especially useful around our eyes, where fine lines can become more prominent when makeup settles into the crevices, as well as in areas with enlarged pores. When you use a primer on areas that tend to be oily, like the eyelid, makeup tends to adhere better and last longer. Also, a thin layer of primer all over can help makeup stay put.

The best way to use primers is to apply these products sparingly. After you apply sunscreen and a moisturizer ofcoures , then comes the primer. Use your finger or a brush to apply only the thinnest dabs around your trouble spots. This way, you create a very fine film, but you can blend it out as far as you like.

Finally, because primers have staying power, be diligent about washing your face well each night. Consider an electronic cleansing brush, which gently but effectively gets your face squeaky clean. But any cleanser and water will work, too.

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Cover Your Face…

Woman having make-up done


Foundation Some like to use a foundation and others feel it is not necessary. If your skin is even and you think you do not require foundation, we would recommend using sunscreen instead to protect your skin from sun. If you use a foundation often, you will need to invest in a brand that offers very good quality products.  Choose the color close to your skin and try the product before buying. Later on we will discuss what brands we would recommend.

Concealer This item is my favorite one due to dark cycles under my eyes. It makes a difference from going from very tired to very beautiful.  Apply under eye cycles, eye lids and inner corner of the eyes.

Powder Apply a powder with a brush for a smoother look.  Find a color closer to your skin to avoid an overdone look. Keep a powder in your purse to apply touch-ups if necessary. If you have a dry skin you can skip using a powder. Powder  can have 2 purposes, it can either be used as a lighter cover-up, for people who want to lightly even out their skintone. It can also be used to set foundation. Foundation can either be liquid or cream and it tends to melt off the skin so power is used to set it.

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BloodStream? What?


Love Organic Produsts always thinks “it is all about the ingredients”, and we recommend using products without harmful ingredients affecting your body in order to reduce your daily, weekly, yearly, and lifetime body burden of chemicals with known and suspected disease implications. Since up to 60 percent of what you put on your skin reaches your bloodstream this percent increases to almost 100 percent with such things as underarm products, and many more items, it makes sense to use cosmetics that DO NOT add to your body burden of toxic chemicals. Over time, you should replace all harmful personal care products.

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10 Americans – Video by EWG

Watch this video about 10 Americans and what they have in common. $10,000 blood test that was intended to test 413 toxic chemicals revealed 287 of them in those 10 Americans. The strangest of all, 212 toxins were banned 30 years ago but were still showing in blood of this people after all these years. Watch the video and you will find out how it is possible.

The video also discusses one of the most controversial topics today about the low dosage of chemicals in products and their effects on our health. You probably heard a lot of times someone saying that the dosage of toxic chemicals are so low that it would not even matter. Well, the graph below is definitely shocking. Dosage of drugs such as NuvaRing, a birth control, has lower dosage then the other toxic chemicals in blood. So, the question is, if the birth control drug in such a small amount can have such an outcome, what the toxic chemicals can do to our health.

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Active Ingredients & Others

Let’s continue our discussion about ingredients and talk about how labels are structured. As I mentioned before FDA requires manufacturers to put a label and organize the information in a certain way to help your decision making. It will be a sin not to use that regulations to your advantage.

My first rule is to never wait till last minute to buy cosmetics. Go to the store in advance and take a picture of the ingredients if they are not listed online. When you get home research all of them. It’s a long list but once you start doing it on a regular basis you will be familiar with most of them.

Pay attention on how the label is structured. As I mentioned in previous article, FDA requires the ingredients to be listed with the net quantity of content, from highest weight/measure/numerical count to the lowest. Active ingredients have to be listed first followed by other ingredients.

Active ingredients are drug ingredients which means that they have a direct effect (physiological activity) on humans such as treatment, cure, prevention, etc. For example, Aluminum chlorohydrate is an active ingredient in antiperspirants which blocks sweat from reaching the skin surface.

Inactive ingredients are cosmetics ingredients. Their purpose is to preserve, color and give aesthetical look. Example of such ingredients are preservatives, color agents, fragrances, solvents, etc.

Now you know how the labels are structured with active ingredients first followed by inactive ingredients listed in a descending order. This will help you to choose a better product by quickly noticing if the ingredient you are paying for is listed first or after all the preservatives, colors and solvents.

Here is a short list of ingredients to avoid when shopping for cosmetics:
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Ingredients in Cosmetics

ingredientsDid you ever ask yourself why cosmetic companies do not list ingredients of their products on their websites? Whereas, when you shop for a vacuum there are all the qualities of the vacuum listed online. Why is it so? Stop reading now and go to the websites of 5 brands you know and tell me how many of those listed the ingredients. Please post your comment because I am very interested what your findings are. I will tell you more, out of 10 sites I visited 2 only had the ingredients listed. So back to the question. Why is it so? Because they do not want you to know what is inside their cosmetics. They don’t want you to make an educated choice and a chance to research and select the products ahead of time that will fit best to your needs and health. They want you to be a spontaneous shopper who makes a decision in a store. How many of you looked at the ingredients in the store and did some research or actually asked the assistant any questions about those? While in the store, we lack time and resources to look through ingredients and challenge a very convincing and skilled sales rep. When we ask about ingredients, sales reps just reply that the amounts included are small and safe. Maybe the product includes small amounts of toxins but that amounts can still have negative effects. Also, that is not the only product we use. We use lots and on a regular basis ending up having much more dosage in our body which can be very harmful to our health.

In my opinion, there is another dilemma when it comes to cosmetics. When buying cosmetics we want to look beautiful and young, and the psychology of it contradicts with our thoughts that the product can be bad for us. You buy a foundation or a cream to look more beautiful and maybe younger which pretty much means healthier because beauty symbolizes health. Of course, the last thing on your mind is toxins and sickness. This psychological dilemma within us helps companies to thrive. Our desire to look beautiful and even gain status through beauty helps the companies to continue using the marketing techniques to make you even more clueless.

Well, correct me if I am wrong but your skin and health deserves same or even more attention than a vacuum that you want to buy. However, we spend hours on research for the vacuum and probably 10 minutes the most when buying cosmetics.

It’s time for a change and we will help you with that. Read our next post about types of ingredients – active and other ingredients.
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Products Affecting Health & Environment!


Watch this amazing video by FRONTLINE that shows how harmful our daily products are on our health and our environment. Scientists found fish, frogs and other marine creatures that exhibit either other gender’s characteristics or just have more legs or other body parts. Those abnormalities are linked to our day to day products such as detergents, shampoos, kitchen soaps, and many other products. These findings are very disturbing and should motivate us to change our lifestyles till it’s not too late.

Even Simpsons predicted our future if we continue to live like we are today poisoning everything around us.

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