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Do not put anything on your skin that you cannot eat….

• About Us – Love Organic Product also known as L.O.P. was established in 2002 Los Angeles California by two young entrepreneurs. L.O.P. is a freelance company which features weekly product with hands on reviews of all merchandise. Our web page will not only include product reviews but will also include tips for every day makeup, skin care, on the go fast tips, hair care, beauty and health news from all the angels.

• Our Vision – Our goal is to provide education to our readers about the true beauty of each and every one of the products displayed on our web page, the good and the bad. This blog Includes facts about all natural products, harmful chemicals in our daily cosmetics, and inform about better self-love on your skin.

• Disclaimer – Love Organic Product (L.O.P.) Blog is provided for general informational purposes only. L.O.P. will do the best to provide accurate information to its readers, Keep in mind and understand that a makeup artist or a medical doctor does not operate this blog. Please do not consider opinions to be substitutes for sound professional advice. For professional advice please seek a medical doctor. None of the content or opinions are ever meant to harm or malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company or individual.

If you have any questions that you would like to get in touch with us in private… please feel free to send all emails to info@loveorganicproducts.com

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