The Needs

What you need for makeup.

First you need to know the make-up basics before starting with the new look. We will give you an overview of main elements of make-up. Most of us will start doing makeup without all the necessity till later when we realize that we forgot to put a concealer first. This list will help you to be organized and get the best results.


Some like to use a foundation and others feel it is not necessary. If your skin is even and you think you do not require foundation, we would recommend using sunscreen instead to protect your skin from sun. If you use a foundation often, you will need to invest in a brand that offers very good quality products. Choose the color close to your skin and try the product before buying you dont want to look like an umpa lumpa. Later on we will discuss what brands we would recommend and ingredients to check.


This item is our favorite one due to dark cycles under some of our eyes. It makes a difference from going from very tired to very beautiful. Apply under eye cycles, eye lids and inner corner of the eyes, BUT at the same time you need to think about health of of eyes.

Eye Liner

Our second favorite is the eye liner. Sometimes, it is all we need to look great. It can change our looks significantly and there are so many looks you can get with just a pencil or a liquid, kohl, gel, and kajal. However, we find it the hardest to apply on ourself. You will most likely struggle in the beginning trying to match both eyes. You can use a magnified mirror to easily apply the liner.

Eye Shadow

You can use one color or multiple color eye shadows. Some brands already offer multicolor pallets you can use to get a great look. Be creative with colors and do not afraid to experiment!!!


If your eyelashes are short apply mascara to enhance the volume. To avoid heavy chunks, wipe off mascara with a tissue before applying.


Apply a powder with a brush for a smoother look. Find a color closer to your skin to avoid an overdone look. Keep a powder in your purse to apply touch-ups if necessary. If you have a dry skin you can skip using a powder.


Brush can give your face a glow and a natural, healthy look. However, I consider it as more a preference than a necessity. Try it once and see if it looks good on you. You can choose from powder blush and cream blush.

Lip Liner

Lip Liner is another optional item and should match the lipstick you will use. As with a brush, you can experiment with it and see if it looks good on you. Also, it is harder to apply and needs some practice. Don’t give up if the first experience was not great.

Lip Stick or Gloss

Be creative with your lipstick. Try from natural colors to dark ones. Match it with your overall look. You can use a lip gloss separately or together with your lipstick. I prefer to use darker shadows and a natural lipstick color or natural shadows and darker lipsticks but you will need to experiment to find the best look for you!

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