Makeup Primers

Makeup Primers

When I think about primers I think of house paint for your walls. The goal of makeup primer is just as the same meaning. The primer is to fill in any lumps, uneven spots and bumps so when you put on your next step it will have smooth, even surface in the case of the face it would be concealer, foundation, or powder.



Some of us women find primers to be especially useful around our eyes, where fine lines can become more prominent when makeup settles into the crevices, as well as in areas with enlarged pores. When you use a primer on areas that tend to be oily, like the eyelid, makeup tends to adhere better and last longer. Also, a thin layer of primer all over can help makeup stay put.

The best way to use primers is to apply these products sparingly. After you apply sunscreen and a moisturizer ofcoures , then comes the primer. Use your finger or a brush to apply only the thinnest dabs around your trouble spots. This way, you create a very fine film, but you can blend it out as far as you like.

Finally, because primers have staying power, be diligent about washing your face well each night. Consider an electronic cleansing brush, which gently but effectively gets your face squeaky clean. But any cleanser and water will work, too.

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