Lavender and Tea tree oils

lavenderLook around your house and list all the items you have that contain lavender and tea tree oils. How many are there? 1, 5, 10? I found 7 items in my house. My toothpaste contained tea tree oil, body wash gel contained tea tree oil, soap had lavender oil in it, countertop spray and laundry detergent contained lavender oil and facial cream had lavender oil in it as well. Even the lotion that was sold in the fight against cancer still had lavender oil in it. I even recall that I always requested lavender lotion every time I went to a body massage, though my options were limited to three with one being unscented.

If I told you that lavender and tea tree oil is bad for you, would you believe me? I would not.

Well, it looks like both lavender and tea tree oils are hormone disrupters. They both possess estrogenic and anti-testosterone effects. Though those effects are not very strong, based on heavy use especially of lavender oil can put us at risk. In 2007, study reported in “New England Journal of Medicine” stated that lavender oil inhibits androgen and mimics estrogen. Therefore, it can result in feminine characteristics in male.

If lavender or tea tree oils are your favorite ones, at least limit those to one or two items.
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