Ingredients in Cosmetics

ingredientsDid you ever ask yourself why cosmetic companies do not list ingredients of their products on their websites? Whereas, when you shop for a vacuum there are all the qualities of the vacuum listed online. Why is it so? Stop reading now and go to the websites of 5 brands you know and tell me how many of those listed the ingredients. Please post your comment because I am very interested what your findings are. I will tell you more, out of 10 sites I visited 2 only had the ingredients listed. So back to the question. Why is it so? Because they do not want you to know what is inside their cosmetics. They don’t want you to make an educated choice and a chance to research and select the products ahead of time that will fit best to your needs and health. They want you to be a spontaneous shopper who makes a decision in a store. How many of you looked at the ingredients in the store and did some research or actually asked the assistant any questions about those? While in the store, we lack time and resources to look through ingredients and challenge a very convincing and skilled sales rep. When we ask about ingredients, sales reps just reply that the amounts included are small and safe. Maybe the product includes small amounts of toxins but that amounts can still have negative effects. Also, that is not the only product we use. We use lots and on a regular basis ending up having much more dosage in our body which can be very harmful to our health.

In my opinion, there is another dilemma when it comes to cosmetics. When buying cosmetics we want to look beautiful and young, and the psychology of it contradicts with our thoughts that the product can be bad for us. You buy a foundation or a cream to look more beautiful and maybe younger which pretty much means healthier because beauty symbolizes health. Of course, the last thing on your mind is toxins and sickness. This psychological dilemma within us helps companies to thrive. Our desire to look beautiful and even gain status through beauty helps the companies to continue using the marketing techniques to make you even more clueless.

Well, correct me if I am wrong but your skin and health deserves same or even more attention than a vacuum that you want to buy. However, we spend hours on research for the vacuum and probably 10 minutes the most when buying cosmetics.

It’s time for a change and we will help you with that. Read our next post about types of ingredients – active and other ingredients.
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