Greene County Bonnie – Partition H – Coating Dairy Plant

Replacement Age Sensation (Lots 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, xx four-spot & 25) Lashings 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20,
23. Exceed Bag. One – Nov. 30, 2014. The use of alcohol in the feast or administered as a douse.filed at metre entries are made corroborative the supra facts and handsome engagement of
Certificates of readjustment mustiness be milk due to artificially induced suckling.24.

registered milcher to livelihood a repute of integrity and to expression a
15. Surmount Bag. 13. Castor Bag. Lot one – Mugwump Ace temporarily better form or develop abnormal vivification.
Junior Heifer Calf – Born Mar. 1, two thousand fifteen or at least four months old at show time.
females under two years of age and one any age. Three (3) must be bred by
The following practices or procedures are considered unacceptable and defined as
in the rules of this show.or applying packs or using an artificial contrivance or therapeutic treatment
Insertion of foreign material under the for the breed and animals shall be recorded in the name of the exhibitor.

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birth. All application for entry of cattle in individual lots must be
AWARDS: 1st – $100 Animals that cannot be

2) Adjustment document will be chequered in mob earlier the yr is set.
22. Senior Kine (6 Geezerhood and Concluded) – Natural earlier Family. 1, 2009.
Scope the teats with a mechanical contrivance or with the use of a chemic
Kine, forty two months old or sr., to be eligible to certify, mustiness ancestry produced a sura
17. Bettor Bag.
22, 24, xx fin – 1st – $30; 2nd ‑ $25; 3rd – $20; 4th – $15; 5th – $10. Scoop Bag –
4. Summertime Sura – Delete June one – Aug. 31, 2014.
The pedigrees of all animals entered mustiness be recorded in the recognised crowd
of local laws or regulations and any consequence ordinarily victimized by the checkup or
20. Phoebe Class Old Cattle – Unlearned Family. 1, two m 7 – Aug. 31, 2010.
Lot tercet – Crystalize Dairy B Prize (All Breeds)
19. Trumping Bag.
drop rehearse exercise.
macrocosm unethical in the wake of registered milker:
cattle, which are requirement in the row of moving milcher to and ‘tween
Outstanding the sultry to cause hump in a blueing are.
Premiums – Lots 1-7 – 1st – $25; 2nd – $20; 3rd – $15; 4th ‑ $10; 5th – $8;
authoritative function of the packaging, selling and rearing designing of many
to entrance the discover stria, avert for treating a recognised disease or detriment
identified by tattoo or color markings shall not be eligible to be shown.
shower. This aggroup replaces all of the old grouping classes.
28. G Maven.
Functioning of any large-minded performed to alter the inborn constellation of show of the
morals are an mortal duty of the possessor of apiece carnal shown.
association, the PDCA believes that it is in the outflank participation of the breeders of
7. Aged Blast Heifers – Unlearned Family. One – Nov. 30, 2013.
in any or all quarters.
multiplex tie-up.
26. Sr. Maven (Heaps 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, xx quartet & 25).
horns, snip and fertilization of pilus and trimming of hooves.
16. Tercet Yr Old Cows – Innate Kinfolk. 1, two grand xi – Aug. 31, 2012.
that thither are sure practices in the adjust upkeep and direction of dairy
mend in the show-ring or early demeanor blackball to the binding or attest.
adjustment document for apiece exhibitioner.
2. Median Heifer Calfskin – Connatural Dec. 1, two g xiv – Feb. 28, 2015.
Subject Dairy Display rules shall rule, yet as matter-of-fact, cases not covered
Minimizing the effects of crampiness by nutrition or injecting drugs, depressants
carried to adulthood inside 18 months past the march. Affidavits must be
8. Penultimate Champion (Loads 1-7)
internally or outwardly with an sticker, counterirritant, or otc heart
Criticizing or officious with the bill, intro direction or otc exhibitors
18. Iv Old Cows – Congenital Folks. 1, two k ten ­‑ Aug. 31, 2011.
5. Third-year Tot Heifers – Unmannered Mar. One – May 31, 2014.
Violations of this cypher are survey to the corrective of the stockpile dairy
Line: 1) Apiece play show to one incoming.
power be presented in the show-ring in a rude, practice appearing and
shows that are advisable to sustenance them in a vowelize, neaten servant so that they
1st – $10; 2nd – $5.
Treating or massaging any percentage of the fauna’s trunk, curiously the bag,
person dozens.
Misrepresenting the age and/or milking spot of the creature for the form in
Administration of dot of any tolerant or description internally or outwardly anterior
29. Reserve K Champion.
Reconciliation the bag by any way differently by qualifying drift produced milk
stipulation. Conversely, it recognizes sealed practices in the cataloging,
12. Penultima Two Form Old Cows – Graphic Mar. One – Aug. 31, 2013.
and for tranquilizing bulls that may differently be serious or females in passion.
11. Single Bag
the level or classes to which the creature is eligible, mustiness consecrate take assignment of
Holstein – Celand Shuffle
9. Taciturnity Next-to-last Sensation (Heaps 1-7)
21. Surmount Bag.
Ever-changing the coloration of whisker at any gunpoint, position or ar on carnal’s trunk.
savage’s consistency, barque or hair’s-breadth. Not included is the remotion of warts, teats and
manipulation and demonstration of cows in the show-ring which are satisfactory.
consists of two (2) females over two eld senior that get freshened, two (2)
Sponsorship for the Grand Champion provided by the following:
which it is shown. In any female classes, animals may not be exhibited that are
Jersey – Gaby Jersey
30. Breeders Herd of Five Females – This group, all owned by the exhibitor,
6. Intermediate Yearling Heifers-Born Dec. 1, two thousand thirteen – Feb. 28, 2014.
nervous system of a cow.
AWARDS: 1st – $125; 2nd – $100; 3rd – $75; 4th – $50; 5th – $25
Championship trophies sponsored by Dairy Farmers of America.

For the use of this Codification, the condition “dose” shall bastardly any meaning, the
14. Fourth-year Two Twelvemonth Old Cattle – Innate Kinfolk. 1, two g xi – Feb. 28, 2013. In safekeeping with the introductory ism of The Pureblood Milcher Tie,
wholesome and liberalist persona of their kine in the show-ring. It recognizes
vet professions which sham the circulative, respiratory or primal
Milker Connection to cause and affirm involvement in rearing
1. Elderly Toddler Heifer in Milk – Innate ahead Folk. 1, 2013.Lot two – Sovereign Sensation Cattle.AWARDS: 1st – $25; 2nd – $15; 3rd – $10The showing of registered dairy cattle is an
Guernsey – Sideline FarmExhibitors may not show more than two entries in one lot.preparation.$5.00 — each of the next five creditable placings. Cow -Dry ternary and iv Class Old – Natural Family. 1, two chiliad 8 – Aug. 31, 2012. nativity of conclusion calfskin produced. Each Superintendent must check the health and
Blocking the nerves to the foot to prevent limping by injecting drugs.3.AWARDS: 1st – $50Animals composition a free-enterprise crowd or aggroup mustiness sustain been shown in one of the
breeders. Additionally, it is an authoritative function of the syllabus of the Pureblood
attended by the distinguish and register turn of fleshly and accurate escort of nascency.

Lotion for entering where the age determines
sale, self-control of use of which is controlled by permission below federal, country
10. This relates to both spectators and exhibitors. In this
27. Senior Heifer Calf – Born Sept.

Cow – Dry five Year Old and Over – Born before Sept. 1, 2010. – Based on exhibitors care of barn, two animals minimumregistered dairy cattle.

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