Fragrance – What’s hiding inside?

fragranceWe use fragrance on a regular basis. It not only comes in a bottle it also comes in different items such as cleaning supplies, soaps, detergents and specially cosmetics.

Do you know what’s inside perfumes and fragrances? Well, according to the Trade Secrecy laws you don’t need to know. The law protects manufacturers allowing them to withhold ingredients used; thus, keeping their product one of a kind. However, it is hard to believe that nowadays companies lack the ability to recreate products of their competitors. It leaves us, the consumers, clueless as to what is inside the perfumes and fragrances, because there is no one to protect us.

Perfumes/fragrances can contain phthalates DBP and DEHP. Phthalates are hormone disrupters and can effect fertility and development.
Fragrances are also allergens. They can cause allergic reaction and even asthma attacks. This explains significant increase in allergies over few decades.

Fragrances can also be neurotoxins. In 1986, National Academy of Sciences reported that certain fragrance ingredients are neurotoxins that adversely affect the human brain.
Companies found a loophole that allowed them to avoid listing toxic ingredients on the label and just list fragrance instead. Even if there are no harmful ingredients in a product, if fragrance is listed we will not know what that product actually contains. Next time you are about to buy a household item, cosmetics or cleaning supplies, look to see if fragrance is one of the ingredients. If so, just look for another product.
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