Cover Your Face…

Woman having make-up done


Foundation Some like to use a foundation and others feel it is not necessary. If your skin is even and you think you do not require foundation, we would recommend using sunscreen instead to protect your skin from sun. If you use a foundation often, you will need to invest in a brand that offers very good quality products.  Choose the color close to your skin and try the product before buying. Later on we will discuss what brands we would recommend.

Concealer This item is my favorite one due to dark cycles under my eyes. It makes a difference from going from very tired to very beautiful.  Apply under eye cycles, eye lids and inner corner of the eyes.

Powder Apply a powder with a brush for a smoother look.  Find a color closer to your skin to avoid an overdone look. Keep a powder in your purse to apply touch-ups if necessary. If you have a dry skin you can skip using a powder. Powder  can have 2 purposes, it can either be used as a lighter cover-up, for people who want to lightly even out their skintone. It can also be used to set foundation. Foundation can either be liquid or cream and it tends to melt off the skin so power is used to set it.

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