Carcinogens/Cosmetics 1

Carcinogens and Cosmetics: Part 1 – BPA

Most of you know that cosmetic companies use chemicals in makeup products to extend the shelf life, enhance the appearance and scent. Listed below links include chemicals that are found in most of non- organic products. Please read and try to remember the list and the effects it might have on your health. When you go for shopping next time, read the ingredients and pay attention to all the chemicals listed in the links.

Do you really want to buy a product that damages your health? Do you really want to invest in a company that sells you this product and uses marketing techniques trying to convince you to buy a product and pay less attention on the negative aspect of it? I think you are better than that. You can make a wise educated decision and choose the product you need. Even if you choose to buy a product full of chemicals, it will be your choice and your decision.

You should know that applying products to your skin that contain carcinogens poses much more risk to your health than when eating the product that contains the same amount of carcinogens. Carcinogens are detoxified in a liver and the damage to the body is significantly less. However, carcinogens applied to skin enter the blood stream directly. There are many chemicals that are linked to cancer and you can find the list on many websites such as, and many more.

BPA free For example, let’s take the all famous BPA. It was just recently that many of us never heard of it. For me it was surprising to enter stores and see a lot of labels displaying BPA free. I thought to myself, what is this all about and what this term means anyways. Are they saying that all these years I was drinking water in plastic bottles because my doctor recommended me to drink more water actually did more harm to me than good? I came home feeling very confused and started doing my research. I found that BPA (Bisphenol –A) is a plasticizer that is mostly used in baby bottles, food can linings, cosmetic bottles, and microwave oven dishes. It is a hormone disrupter that mimics hormone estrogen. Research showed that it is linked to breast and prostate cancer, miscarriages and reproductive issues, cardiovascular disease, changes in immune system and many more.

After reading all the research done throughout many years, I would definitely vote for BPA free.
What would you do?

Watch the video below about BPA!

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