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Let’s continue our discussion about ingredients and talk about how labels are structured. As I mentioned before FDA requires manufacturers to put a label and organize the information in a certain way to help your decision making. It will be a sin not to use that regulations to your advantage.

My first rule is to never wait till last minute to buy cosmetics. Go to the store in advance and take a picture of the ingredients if they are not listed online. When you get home research all of them. It’s a long list but once you start doing it on a regular basis you will be familiar with most of them.

Pay attention on how the label is structured. As I mentioned in previous article, FDA requires the ingredients to be listed with the net quantity of content, from highest weight/measure/numerical count to the lowest. Active ingredients have to be listed first followed by other ingredients.

Active ingredients are drug ingredients which means that they have a direct effect (physiological activity) on humans such as treatment, cure, prevention, etc. For example, Aluminum chlorohydrate is an active ingredient in antiperspirants which blocks sweat from reaching the skin surface.

Inactive ingredients are cosmetics ingredients. Their purpose is to preserve, color and give aesthetical look. Example of such ingredients are preservatives, color agents, fragrances, solvents, etc.

Now you know how the labels are structured with active ingredients first followed by inactive ingredients listed in a descending order. This will help you to choose a better product by quickly noticing if the ingredient you are paying for is listed first or after all the preservatives, colors and solvents.

Here is a short list of ingredients to avoid when shopping for cosmetics:
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