10 Americans – Video by EWG

Watch this video about 10 Americans and what they have in common. $10,000 blood test that was intended to test 413 toxic chemicals revealed 287 of them in those 10 Americans. The strangest of all, 212 toxins were banned 30 years ago but were still showing in blood of this people after all these years. Watch the video and you will find out how it is possible.

The video also discusses one of the most controversial topics today about the low dosage of chemicals in products and their effects on our health. You probably heard a lot of times someone saying that the dosage of toxic chemicals are so low that it would not even matter. Well, the graph below is definitely shocking. Dosage of drugs such as NuvaRing, a birth control, has lower dosage then the other toxic chemicals in blood. So, the question is, if the birth control drug in such a small amount can have such an outcome, what the toxic chemicals can do to our health.

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